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Process re-engineering is back. Hammer and Champy’s book, Re-Engineering the Corporation defined it in 1993–(then) a new movement to improve corporate efficiency through re-designing processes in order to optimize cost and time with the goal of improving the customers experience. All through the 1990s corporations did this with great success. We applied it, among other things, to reducing new product development cycle time. But when prosperity returned, so did the bad practices, and re-engineering became passe. Well, its back, driven by corporations trying to do more with less. If you cant grow, the only way to maintain and improve margins are to reduce costs. Like Hammer and Champy, we are doing it from a customers perspective. We believe that if you focus on the customer when improving process efficiency, you will by default save time and money. These are the byproducts of a customer efficient process. Lets look at our process, at a high level.