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Case Study: “ProCore – Process Performance Management – From Idea To Implementation”, an interview with Markus Witschi, Operations Manager SMESwisscom (Schweiz) AG, featuring use of the E2E Bridge as generic interface to extract KPIs from backends for ARIS Process Performance Manager. Highlights: Model execution leads to transparency & control – Swisscom (Schweiz) AG increases business agility with process monitoring via ARIS PPM, using the E2E Bridge┬« as a generic interface for real-time KPI extraction from custom backend application. Challenge: For its SME business, which covers DSL, VPN and other products, Swisscom uses the custom built eDASECO application, which was never integrated with the central data warehouse. As a result, only rudimentary reporting mechanisms were available, denying Swisscom employees to proactively address issues which affected service quality. To remedy the situation, ARIS PPM from IDS Scheer was installed as the monitoring solution. But the PPM integration proved to be challenging: the traditional integration approach required middleware changes to be scheduled six months in advance, and apart from the implementation, most of the time was consumed by manual testing and writing up-to-date documentation. Each modification of the backend, changes to the process or any updates to the KPIs caused considerable effort.