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Learn how PowerDesigner’s Link & Sync capabilities facilitates metadata sharing for enterprises as they define requirements, analyze businesses processes and model data. www.sybase.com [Video Transcript] Hi my name is Dimitri Volkmann and today were going to be talking about bottling and model management this is what Power Designer is all about. We will be focusing on the link and sync technology this is the key area for Power Designer. Why does Model data management matter for IT? Model data management matters because its going to help you achieve two key things. The first one is the alignment between your business goal and your IT. Thats the key purpose when you talk about model data management. The second important element is its enabling response to change whether change is in technology or your competitors, your business, whatever. So that seems to make a lot of sense and once youve done those two things, youve achieved agility and thats really what you want to have in your business today. So, why isnt everybody doing that? Now, to understand one of the key issues and the problems behind achieving agility for model data management, lets look at what the classic process companies go through once they design your applications. The first thing you are going to do when you design your application is you are going to look into the requirements. What the application, what the software actually do for my business. Those requirements, most of the time I try to capture in