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In this second video on Nimbus Control Author client, introduced by Janne Eriksson from Solution Management. This is a complete business process management solution called Nimbus Control which contains functions for quality management, internal and external communication, planning and overview of a project, mapping and analyzing processes and company routines — all in a single application. Those are not the only advantages of Nimbus Control. Every function in the software can communicate with each other and interlink in an intelligent manner. Nimbus Control gives a complete and multi-layered overview of the company on every level and integrate the entire personel in the quality management process. When the software is implemented fully it becomes a platform for all the company BPM, projects and initiatives. Detta är en introduktion till Nimbus Control författarverktyg som används för kvalitetsledning, ledningssystem, processkartläggning och alla sorters kvalitetscertifieringar som ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 och andra typer av kvalitetskontrollsystem och dokumenthantering. For more information go to: www.solutionmanagement.eu www.solutionmanagement.eu www.solutionmanagement.eu www.solutionmanagement.eu www.facebook.com