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With the world so rapidly evolving, there is a need for greater agility in the way businesses operate. Many organizations trust their corporate knowledge and change initiatives to static and disconnected documents. Not only is this unproductive, it is boring, which means there is little to no engagement between people and the organisation with respect to the work that is done. Modelpedia is a new category of software that unites the strengths of business modelling, repositories and online collaboration into one product. It combines the traditional robustness and reliability of business modelling with community based collaboration at its heart. With Modelpedia you can create a visual and interactive multi-dimensional model to capture and manage the knowledge about your organization. Whether it is new processes or new systems, it is the single source of information for process improvement, compliance, documentation, staff training and continuous improvement. Check out this movie on how an employee contributes to a customer services process and saves the organisation $400K per annum by highlighting a redundant step that irritates customers and causes daily grief for the customer services team.