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www.sybase.com Hi, I’m David Dichmann, Senior Product Manager for Design Tools at Sybase. And today I would like to talk to you about modeling and metadata management for enterprise architecture. To begin, I’d like to first take a look at, what is enterprise architecture? Fundamentally, enterprise architecture is about these three things. First it’s about getting business and IT alignment, so we can have agility for effectiveness in responding to change. Second, it’s about regulatory compliance, now not just being able to ensure that we’ve met the regulations but also defending against an audit, and having the choice ability to do so. Enterprise architecture is also about preparing for whole business transformation; here we are talking about big block change moving from today’s infrastructure to the infrastructure to be tomorrow. Now let’s take a look at how PowerDesigner breaks down all the things we need to know to be able to achieve this vision. So here we have a view of all the different types of models that PowerDesigner manages for us and where they belong in the enterprise architecture. Now first, let’s take a look at these different layers, for example, here we have the business layer, where we are understanding the business in pure business terms. Then we have the conceptual, logical and physical layers, where we start reflecting the business back to itself in technology terms and drive down to the detailed implementation. We also have these different