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Business Incubation: a tool for enabling innovation and entrepreneurship. — BusyInternet launched its Busy incubator program early 2005, with support from the infoDev Program. The first of its kind in West Africa, this small business incubation program is designed to increase the chances of survival of young companies by providing them with a good opportunity to grow in a supportive and nurturing environment. To date, 25 companies have been successfully hosted at BusyInternet. Currently, there are 10 companies located at the BusyInternet facilities, which provides connectivity solutions, software development, management consulting, entrepreneurship development, business process outsourcing, computer based test preparation, and administration and web-based applications development. On a broader level, program objectives are to promote economic growth by fostering private sector development through helping existing incubators in developing countries to improve performance in order to achieve higher ‘survival rates’ of incubated companies, growth and sustainability, creating synergy between incubators in developing countries, based on improved knowledge, networking and capacity building, as well as capacity building within enterprises to enhance their competitiveness, including trade competitiveness in the global business environment. The World Bank – InfoDev Video Case Study