Business Process Modeling creates a view into how a company is organized and how it runs day to day. The BPM model provides visibility into where a company’s strengths and weaknesses are, how IT can work together efficiently with such disparate departments as sales and operations, which departments are siloed and isolated, how geographically distributed branches can better connect, etc.

Business process analysis begins with the discovery of what the process is and who all of the players are. Often the process will be analyzed via Six Sigma or Lean methods and never result in a software model. With BPM, the model isn’t just the design – it becomes the engine that runs the process. Improved enterprise architecture is the deliverable at the end of the project.

The BPM model provides real-time, cross-functional visibility into an operational business process, and a common understanding of activities for all participants.

It extracts the key metrics that are important to how that business process affects the business.

Improved enterprise architecture that is more efficient and responsive is the result of changes to a realistic BPM model. The model is what management uses to make needed changes that are also assured and predictable.

ARISalign social BPM is a significant improvement in BPM modeling. With ARISalign, BPM tools are accessible to many users at once online, working on the same model.

The ability to make the right changes in an organization’s processes depends on the accuracy and details of the model created with the BPM tools. BPM provides a unified design environment that avoids multiple interpretations and inconsistencies.

By enabling many associates to contribute to the model simultaneously, an ARISalign model’s accuracy can be much higher and details more granular than results from using traditional BPM meeting and interview methods.

What you need is a platform for stakeholders in a company, including IT, to build a more efficient business process into their everyday business. IT and all other departments it works with can update or replace the processes that block effective functioning and growth potential. All department heads, managers and employees can view the model online to discover points of cross-functionality.

The look and feel of ARISalign encourages users to contribute. Its online, collaborative white board environment adapts itself to how people work productively. Those who contribute to the model find that ARISalign helps them without demanding that they change their work style.

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Business process modelling