When you are trying to become leaner, within a company, not because you are dieting, you have to take a few important considerations into account. You want whatever you do to have the greatest effect on the entire company and you want it to be cost effective. Spending a ton of money in order to speed up the process imperceptibly is not a good investment and does not help the growth of the company.

Now, if this improvement is only one part of a plan and it must be done before more can steps can take place, then it is something that should be examined a little closer. But generally, you want the best return on initial investment. This means taking measures to ensure that you make the right choice for all the changes you envision. This requires a little extra work in the beginning, but it will be worth it if you take the appropriate measures and obtain accurate readings.

What is the point of refiguring a production process, adding new tooling and machinery if it is going to be less reliable and only boost production by a couple of percentage points? It wouldn’t make any sense, but if you didn’t do some calculating and modeling then you wouldn’t know that until after the work was done and it would have been a lot of work and money wasted.

Again, this is a good time to have that team in place that you put together when you were first identifying the process that you wanted to simplify. This team should take the same measures, use the same processes and record everything that is included with the completion of each process.

Once these notes are compiled and a complete list of the process and what each part of the process takes and how accurate it is, then you can start looking for places to improve processes. Maybe the packaging process takes longer to complete, no one knows unless they timed the entire process and then broke down the steps. Then you must find where time is being wasted. Perhaps there is nowhere, but in most cases, there is. What are the extra steps, down time, waiting, double handling? These are the things you are looking for and once you know what you’re looking for, it is much easier to find them. Give employees the power to identify and point them out.

By Anonymous
Business process modelling