Businesses must address issues before they are observed and felt by the customer.


Business unmet needs is defined as a hidden business issue that is not yet understood and has a potential to become a critical problem.

Problem Brief:

Business unmet needs are typically found after a customer problem is found, by then it’s too late to prevent a loss to cover the need to fix the customer problem. Engineering of business processes to optimize performance of an organizations functional components and critical interdepartmental communication interaction is increasingly important to getting it right the first time in today’s environment of getting more done with fewer resources.

It would be prudent for any business to find and correct business issues, like functional component problems, inter-group interaction or communication problems before they detrimentally impact your business.

Solution Brief:

The first step in discovery involves having a complete and well understood operations ideal model. You also need to accept that you won’t have a manageable or controllable system unless you understand it well enough to be able to model it and monitor it in real time.

With complete operations knowledge you will then need to perform a systems failure mode analysis. Create a breakout of each functional component output with responsibilities and key interactions from any input resources to learn about where the weaknesses exist in the design of your business process and learn what specific changes or work that needs to be done in order to eliminate or mitigate business issues. Use of a systematic procedure takes the guess work out of trying to do it again and makes it easier to test new proposed design improvement changes.


Identifying areas with highest potential risk for variation and loss will assist management in systematically re-engineering required changes into the business model that achieve a more robust system. Does more with less by enabling trade-off understanding and provides a need driven business design change managed process. Making well understood business system design performance and robustness improvements that address unmet needs to resolve hidden business issues is an important goal in managing a business.

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