Over the years, India has been globally accepted as the leading provider of business process outsourcing services. As a result, major financial institutions are making attempts to establish their customer care centers in the country. Recent reports show that banking giants are making up plans for building their customer service or call center companies in Pune. Eventually, India is being viewed as a market with enough potential for providing high quality and value-added customer support services. Complicated services like equity research, portfolio tracking and financial modeling are being off shored by the Indian call center companies.

More and more complex functions are being off shored with several business enterprises entering the scene. A tough competition in the world of business has obliged the businesses to exceed one another in terms of their performance. They have started adhering to complex business procedures that they are finding difficult to manage, and thus, the demand of the BPO firms has increased consequently. The services offered by the Indian call center companies, are simply incredible. They maintain the perfect standard and assure the clients with timely delivery of services. Besides, these services charge the western business companies half of what the services in their countries would have charged.

Many of the international organizations are tying up with the most repute BPO companies of India due to several reasons. Firstly, cheap and skilled labor is easily available in such a hugely populated nation where underemployment is a major issue. The companies will able to increase their business through customer care services and that too at a relatively lower cost. Business process outsourcing services need to be done by well trained professionals, which is already present in our country. The Indians are far more knowledgeable than the people of the western countries, as far as academics are concerned. Thus, the offshore businesses are finding it easy and preferable to set up their call center agencies.

Endless number of bright students graduates every year from different educational institutions in the country, who are in immediate need for jobs. These students enter the BPO jobs and perform efficiently. The availability of human resources is one of the major factors that have moved the foreign companies to initiate their BPO business in India. Besides, the country is a pioneer in the global industry of business process outsourcing and therefore, a reliable destination for the beginners in the BPO business. India is a land of multiple cultures with its residents speaking different regional languages. The people here, are not only well versed with the English language but can speak in many other languages as well. Thus, it is the ultimate place for those who are looking forward to set up multilingual call center companies.

The Indian outsourcing companies are providing assistance to the organizations of different industrial sectors from all parts of the globe. The foreign investment banks are frequently off shoring their number crunching tasks to the Indian BPO companies. The customer support centers apply all the recent techniques and models for executing their tasks in an efficient manner.

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