How are you to understand BPM, or Business Process Management? By definition, BPM refers to the idea of shepherding work items through a multi-step process. Each item is identified, analyzed and tracked according to each step. Appointed managers, as well as computer applications that are processing the information, can perform this analysis. The process flow will be determined by “process logic”, a different type of discipline used in this situation.

BPM is usually categorized into two distinct categories: people and technology. People-oriented BPM involves understanding customer needs and also understanding what a company must do to make improvements in its business model so that these needs can be addressed. You could say that BPM-people is a form of philosophy; it is a definition that has little to do with technology, and can usually be implemented by people, hence the definition.

BPM technology is a more traditional definition of Business Process Management, one concerned with enterprise software packages, as this science often times requires new specific technology in order to model various tasks in an efficient way. This process of BPM is usually preferred for more complex assignments. The easiest way to understand Business Process Management is that it represents the bridge between Information Technology, or IT, and business administration.

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