Dream of starting your own business? Can you transition from a full-time job and pursue your entrepreneurial dreams while balancing priorities at home, and… have a life? What about finances? Can you really pull it off? This easy, 7-step technique, outlines a powerful process to plan your transition from Corporate to your dream business.

Step One: Be willing to invest time and energy in yourself. Invest in yourself to determine the right business for you and its viability in today’s market. Focus on financially viable opportunities that ignite your passion.

Step Two: Define your vision and bring your dreams into focus. Create a written and visual description of your vision. Crafting your ideal life is an iterative process and takes time, imagination, and passion.

Step Three: Create a powerful strategy based on your vision. Your strategy is an approach to plan the implementation of your goals based on your overall vision. It’s important that you’re clear about your strategy as it drives how you structure your business, your products, services and your life.

Step Four: Choose Your Business Model. Research business models that are a match for your strategy, interests, and financial goals. By taking this step you are positioned to choose the right business operating model that will help you organize your dream business.

Step Five: Organize Yourself for Success. Your business environment mirrors your internal thoughts and beliefs. Create an environment that reflects your vision for yourself. Choose your top two to four business and life goals and focus on them for the next 60 – 90 days. It is helpful to break down those 90 day goals into 30 day chunks. Schedule tasks on your weekly calendar and commit to take at least one action each day.

Step Six: Creating Your Dream Team. Find resources that will support your goals, help navigate your journey and dramatically increase your success rate. Interview resources who will listen to you, are knowledgeable, and want to help you achieve your goals. Create relationships and expand your network.

Step Seven: Transition Planning and Creating Reserves. Create a transition plan that eases your path to success. It is critical to build a financial reserve, reduce energy drains and determine the metrics that will measure your success.

Tanya Taupier – Tanya Taupier has been in the field of consulting and coaching for 15 years. She consults, mentors and coaches professionals and entrepreneurs looking to achieve …
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