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[WATCH]: Mark McGregor – The People Side of Change

See and hear what delegates feel about Mark McGregor’s recent “People Side of Change” program. Find out more about Mark at Read more

[WATCH]: An Introduction to Experiential Business Modeling

Here is an introduction to the idea that a Brand can design their interactions with their clients for MAXIMUM exposure. Read more

[WATCH]: How to draw a BPMN 2.0 collaboration diagram

This BPMN diagram has been created with the online BPM Suite IYOPRO at Read more

[WATCH]: Change default style and formatting of BPMN task

Step by step video shows how to change default background of business process diagram Task Read more


BPO organizations use BPM to enable their customers core business processes. For an outsourcing engagement, risks of failure are highest at the beginning and at the end of a contract, given the complexity of changes and number of stakeholders involved. During these stages, the flexible nature of the BPM technology provides the BPO with excellent options for continuously tweaking the outsourcing process to reflect Read more

[WATCH]: Adeptia BPM: Workflow automation Easily design, configure, automate workflows using Adeptia BPM. Adeptia BPM is an enterprise software product that is designed to manage, automate and optimize business processes. It combines process management with application and partner integration. The BPM Server easily and quickly automates business processes using industry-specific standards. It allows customers to integrate disparate inf Read more

[WATCH]: Intalio|Cloud Launch 2 BPM

On May 19th, Intalio announced the acquisition of CodeGlide, a software company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and ProcessSquare, a software company based in Munich, Germany. Intalio also entered the cloud computing market with the launch of Intalio|Cloud for On-Demand, On-Premise and Managed On-Premise deployment. This clip is from the press conference and covers the section of the announcement focusing on ou Read more